Wednesday, November 26, 2008

reason being...

okay okay i know i haven't updated for like a few months, but hey it's not my fault. a dying turtle is faster than our computer!! and i really have been pretty darn busy!!Well i am going to update in like a week with tons of crazy pictures!! just be patient! thanks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sistas, Sundays, Sneaking!!

ow ow SEXY haha just jokin'!!


We took a trip back to the 80's

natural beauty!! haha

This was on sunday afternoon after church, lexie and i were just sittin in her room talkin and she looks over at her window and says "i've always wanted to sneak out of my window. Haha so we both thought it was a BRILLIANT idea, and i thought that getting dressed up would make it even better, so we did and so haha thats why we looked like freaks! So we attempted our first try of climbing out but it was too far off the ground, so we had to wait till our dad fell asleep, so he wouldn't see us get the small ladder on the porch. the ladder made it heck of alot easier! so then once we were out we ran around the house and back in! haha i know were dorks but one day we'll do it for real! p.s. Just Kidding Mom! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Saying Goodbye

At four thirty my alarm went off and i got up and got ready, then me and Lexie drove in the truck with Justin's baggage in the back, and of course we got separated from our parents and were going in circles trying to find the right terminal and all, finally we were all walking into the airport together, first we stood in line to get the tags for Justin's bag, after we went upstairs to wait in line for dropping off the bags then we went to the security line, and everyone stood in line with him thinking we had all the time we wanted to say our goodbyes, but then the lady told us that we weren't supposed to be in the line with him so we had to crawl under the rope separating Justin and us, then i gave Justin a letter i had written, he took it and put it in his bag and then he hugged me across the rope while he was still moving in line, and we all had like a two second hug across the rope, then he had to keep moving and go through security, we watched him go through then he looked back and waved one last time and then he walked out of our sight. we were all standing there balling and everyone was starring at us, but i didn't care i just let it all out. after we dropped him off we all went to break feast and carried on with the rest of our day. little did we know we could have pulled Justin out of line and held him for one more hour, the letter sent to us told us to be there two hours before he had to board his plane and we got there at five and his plane boarded at seven, so we all were devastated when we thought of that. But that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, it felt like someone ripped out my heart,not to be able to see your brother for two years, not be able to give him a hug or spend any time with him for TWO years is way harder than i thought it would be, when i watched him look back at us and wave and then walk out was the worst thing I've ever seen, i wish i could just give him one more hug and tell him that i love him. i miss him so much and would give anything to just be with him right now, i know he's out there doing the lords work, and he's going to be a great missionary. the rest of the week we were down in the valley i was fine, then when we came home and not having him here was a really weird feeling, then after i unpacked everything i went into Justin's room and when i saw his guitars just sitting there the way he left them i just lost it and i balled and balled. i never knew how much i loved Justin until he left and wasn't there anymore. then yesterday i was laying on my bed after church and then Riley called me to come downstairs because Justin sent a letter, we all read it together and of course being the baby i am i balled again, the letter read:
dear family,
Today has been the hardest best day ever! Leaving the security gate was so hard. i sat there by myself just thinking......i dunno if i can do this but right about the time i met some other elders and i felt 100% better. Then when i got to the MTC it was awsome! i met Taylor and Preston, it was so fun. and in district meeting today i was to be district leader! hope i can do it. i love it here! i love you guys!
Elder Kelley
p.s. my compaions name is Elder Seamons, he is awsome
so it sounds like he loves it and is really enjoying himself! i know justins going to be a great missionary and touch many people! i love you justin!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open House

last night we had and open house for justin, and as you can tell it was a blast!! even though us four girls were the life of the party it was meant to be all about justin!! Love you Elder Kelley!!

Jeep Ride

This HONKIN' jeep was our entertainment of the night! we all hopped in, and Lexie was so proud of herself because she had learned how to drive this beast!! when we were little our grandpa drove us down this road we called the "dog road" in the jeep and all these dogs lived on that street chased us, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane and tried to get dogs to chase us, haha but there weren't any around! we had soo much fun, and when ever we drove by people walking on the street Aimee and i stood up and hollered, meaning "NACHOOOOOOOOO" so overall it was a blast and the only question were all dying to know is: What does Spencer think of our crazy family?? haha :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


The other day me riley and rhett were just sittin at home all bored so then we decided we should go to the creek by our house to see if it was flooded from all the rain we have gotten, when we got down there it was super muddy and i was in front and all the sudden my feet were slipping in the mud and before you knew i was like covered in mud, and then we all sort of just played in the mud and drew on our faces it was so so much fun!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

dancing in the rain

today it started poring rain so me and riley were dancing in the rain!! it was a total blast! then we went and jumped on the tramp while it was still raining, i'll never forget it, it was soo much fun!